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    ^^yea, and totaly safe. i have Tiger 10.4.10 installed on my old Dell Inspiron 2650.^^

    iDeneb failed on my Acer, and im in the progress of downloading XxX 10.5.6. if that fails im getting SnowSX Universal hackintosh.
    2009-11-29 03:29 AM
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    Gotta admit, i had a hackintosh running on a tosh (hehe) before i bought my Macbook, which i bought when i got my first iphone....

    All i can offer guys is encouragement for this project so

    Go guys.... go guys....
    2009-11-29 07:05 PM
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    Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I got a 3GS and it looks like VC takes a lot of RAM up since it is a background process invoked by an action. so i don't think it can be ported to be useable. Sorry
    2009-12-28 03:27 PM
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    1st) We have a Voice control forum here: http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/6...-2g-3g-16.html

    2nd) What we really need is someone who is fluent in ARM ASSEMBLER and is familiar with the ARM Instruction set. I have been actively been trying to port this for a couple of weeks whilst learning ARM ASSEMBLER. If you look at the documentation for the 3G processor and look at the ARM instructions of the voice control app in IDA PRO then you can identify the non existent instructions. What we need to do is rework these instructions.

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I got a 3GS and it looks like VC takes a lot of RAM up since it is a background process invoked by an action. so i don't think it can be ported to be useable. Sorry
    We can port it and include a sub-process that's instigated on boot somewhere between the Kernel being loaded and springboard being loaded that clears all available RAM and makes more virtual memory available to the process.

    So in conclusion:

    We need more ARM ASSEMBLY programmers or at least people who are experienced in ASM and willing to try to learn ARM ASM or, more ideally, experienced ARM coders. No offense, but what we DONT need are beginners who have no idea what there doing and will be constantly searching for help from us taking us away from the project, this may seem harsh but ive had this happen before on similar projects. However if you are a beginner and are willing to push yourself to reach the goal and keep up to speed with the rest of the team, you are welcome to be a part of the project, we will support you when we can but most of your learning will be done on your own. We need dedicated people who aren't in it for money or to steal our stuff.

    Looking at the Thumb 1 and Thumb 2 documentation shows that voiced could be ported from Cortex(ARMv7-A) meant for the 3GS to ARM11(ARMv6KZ) for the 2G/3G if the instructions were reworked. The Voiced binary seems to be like a library with several types of instructions which VC wont work without, this is why we need to port it rather then just change the header.

    To quote ih8sn0w:

    I'm going to make this very brief.

    There is 2 Major factors between the 3G and the 3G[S].

    The Ram and the Processor.

    The Ram in the 3G is 128MB.
    The Ram in the 3G[S] is 256MB.

    The Processor in the 3G is 412 MHz.
    The Processor in the 3G[S] is 600Mhz.

    Notice a Difference? No? I'll go more into detail...

    Now, I'll talk more about the ram.

    When the iPhone 3G is idle is has approx. 40MB of Memory Available.
    When the iPhone 3G[S] is idle it has approx. 140MB Memory Available.

    That is a 100MB Difference!

    The iPhone 3G consumes 88MB/128MB(69%) of RAM to operate.
    The iPhone 3G[S] consumes 116MB/256MB(45%) of RAM to operate.

    I have actually managed to remove the Voice Control feature on a 3G[S], and it saved 20-30MB of RAM!

    So that does mean, the Voice Control is a process that is constantly running in the background listening for the command to be sent. (Holding Home for About 3 Seconds).

    Which means... if Voice Control was actually ported to the 3G, it would operate extremely sluggish, and may even crash at some points due to Ram availability. The port may even brick a device because it would be extremely unstable to get the system backup, if it keeps using System Resources.

    Not Just ram is a major factor, but the processor is too!

    If, the 3G Arm Processor was Clocked to its original 620Mhz, You may have a better chance of porting this thing. Unfortunatly, what were porting is pretty much like saying, Lets run Snow Leopard on a Macintosh II. That is virtually impossible, unless you upgrade the system extremely!!!.
    The only main ways of porting this thing running smoothly is by,
    Clocking the 3G processor to its original 620Mhz, Upgrade its battery to a higher Milliamp, Double its ram. Its worth it just buying the 3G[S] to run this thing.
    The other user Geomazo, claims to have fully ported the Voice Control feature to the 3G. This is Virtually Impossible. There is ALL the evidence.
    So there ya go. Lets play the waiting game to see if Geomazo actually releases something. He'll probably say something like "Its not fully fixed yet, it has lots of bugs to fill!".
    Geomazo, If you did what you say you did, then prove it by sending me all your work.
    Until then...

    Whilst he is right about the specs of the phone, we could in some far fetched dimension actually launch an attack on this file and port the damn this AND MAKE IT WORK, who knows, whilst were trying we mind find a way to pull it in from the dimension :P , where there is a will there is a way.

    So, if you think your up for it drop me an email at:


    and we will talk.

    (replace the "at" with @)

    Thats all. Thanks for reading!

    P.S. Good job on the Mod!

    P.P.S. Im a registered iPhone developer with access to the iPhone Beta firmwares and SDK if any file are required although we think we have all of them. I also have a MacBook pro 13" and an early 2009 Mac Mini both on 10.6.1 and access to multiple OS's including Windows 7, XP, Fedora 10, HPUX, Solaris 9/10 and Ubuntu server.
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    2009-12-28 11:18 PM
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    what teh hell does this have to do with vocalia?

    *EDIT* btw darkness wheres beta 2? ;P
    2009-12-29 02:02 AM
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    Hey Darknesslollol whatever happened to beta 2? Cant find your site anymore either.

    Of all the attempted mods this looks the most promising, hope all you guys havent given up on this already. Some of us regular folks here cant afford a fancy 3Gs. Thanks!!
    2010-01-18 12:51 AM
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    no beta 2?
    2010-01-18 09:40 AM
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    I don't have enough time to
    work for this project....But 'll try to finish it soon...Now I am working on the iPhone 3G Camera Mod...And I 've done something intresting...I'll need your help soon!...That's all for now!
    2010-01-18 04:02 PM
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    if you need any help , lemme kno

    i'll join the project.
    2010-01-18 05:27 PM
  10. devteamtools's Avatar
    yea, i can help too on this if you need anything.
    2010-01-18 06:10 PM
  11. Darknesslollol's Avatar
    My friend has just bought a new 3Gs ,and I am gonna create a video of the VC's Waves!
    2010-01-18 09:06 PM
  12. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    do you know how long?
    2010-01-19 12:52 AM
  13. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    hey , this hasnt been forgotten has it?
    2010-01-24 09:52 AM
  14. devteamtools's Avatar
    patience is key for this. a good screen recording of the waves can probably take some time, plus finding out how to get it as the back ground.
    2010-01-25 03:41 PM
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    I don't ,also ,have much free time!...I am one of the best students of my class...As a result I have a lot of studying!...
    2010-01-25 05:19 PM
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    try to google voice control waves download...maybe you'll find something interesting....

    and i realy like to help :-)!

    lol im 13 too
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    2010-03-25 09:19 PM
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    were has this gone?
    2010-03-26 08:53 AM
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    and hey where can i download the beta 1 or 2 cause the link is removed
    2010-03-26 04:26 PM
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    Hey I know this tread is dead but can some one send me a link as I really need it for a project that I'm currently working on.
    2010-09-14 02:03 AM
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    Hey I know this tread is dead but can some one send me a link as I really need it for a project that I'm currently working on.
    i will pm you a link for the my most recent modification to the app.
    2010-09-14 07:02 PM
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