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  1. neeher's Avatar
    hey ive had my iphone 3g for quite a long time and a couple of days ago i dropped it and it landed flat on its back. since i dropped it its just been having a white screen with some green lines off to the side. sometimes it will be inverted and have the entire screen green with white lines to the side. the iphone still thinks thats everything as good as can be. it charges, it makes all its sounds, music plays but i cant see whats going on in the screen is i have to guess around. the only way i can see whats on the screen is if i attach it to my computer and take screen shots every couple of seconds. (thats how i got to the music). my warranty is up and i need a way to fix this problem. ive already opened it up a checked everything. its all good but idk about the thanks for ur time.
    2009-10-29 05:04 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    LCD is toast.
    2009-10-29 05:07 AM
  3. neeher's Avatar
    thanks ill get right on that
    2009-10-29 07:08 AM