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    Can this be done by editing the following launch daemon property list?

    com.apple.powerlog.plist - This is used to monitor any incompatibilities with 3rd party chargers.

    The iHome iH8 works fine with the iPhone 3G, but whenever you dock the iPhone you receive the message saying that the accessory wasn't designed to work with iPhone 3G. However, the iH8 works with the phone fine, so I simply want to get rid of the message that pops up when docking the phone on the iHome iH8. Thanks.

    Also, this iHome model works with iPod 5G which had USB support only. Firewire was completely gone by then so this iHome model actually charges using the USB Pins rather than firewire.
    2009-10-29 10:10 PM
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    Sorry tried to post you a fix but not allowed I would visit *xsellize* youll find your answer there.
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    2009-10-29 11:06 PM