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    I'd like to change my starting number for new pictures.

    Any ideas how I can come by this?

    I'd like to add new pictures from a recent restore to an exisitng saved photo gallery, but my new photos start at 0001.

    I'd like to start at 0211.
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    2009-11-10 11:25 PM
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    No luck on making this mod?
    2009-11-16 03:56 PM
  3. baespey's Avatar
    I'd like to do this as well. I'm going to start by copying the folder and seeing if that works.
    2012-06-24 08:16 AM
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    If you dont mind your photos added to the end of your Camera Roll, then use App store app DC Copy.
    I have done what you want many moons ago on iOS 4.? After a restore lost photos.
    I transferred the photos from 100APPLE to my PC and used software which came with a digital camera to rename them (eg Nikon PictureProject) Another way is to free up your 100APPLE folder by renaming your folders up one so 500APPLE becomes 600APPLE and renaming the folders photos from IMG_5xxx.yyy to IMG_6xxx.yyy with the Windows DOS command
    ren IMG_5???.* IMG_6???.*
    Once copied back into the folder and done for each DCIM folder you can create a new 100APPLE folder and put your photos in there.
    To rebuild the camera roll backup and delete
    Found at /var/mobile/Media/PhotoData
    and reboot
    Please note I have not tried this recently on iOS5
    Best to do an iTunes & PkgBackup first!!!!
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    2012-06-24 06:23 PM
  5. baespey's Avatar
    What I ended up doing was following the guide here:

    Simply change the number from 1 to whatever number you previously left off with and save the file. I used iFunBox and it worked great!
    2012-06-26 05:12 PM