1. jermartin's Avatar
    I'm hoping somoene can help me out with this, because I've spent a few days off and on trying to get this to work to no avail.

    There's a bunch of how-to blog posts scattered throughout the web with instructions on how to create HTML / CSS Signatures in the Mobile Mail app.

    Has anyone been able to perform this track successfully from a Windows OS? It simply does NOT seem to want to work for me.

    Thanks loads for anyone who can offer some pointers or help!

    2009-11-14 10:17 PM
  2. roy4423's Avatar
    I tried to figure this out a long time ago with no success. I eventually gave up.

    Depending on what kind of signature your looking for, there's a App in the App Store called Signature Pro
    2009-11-17 03:43 AM