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    Hey guys, first post. Wewt.

    I just made a slight mod that I thought was pretty cool and I felt the desperate need to share it. It all started a few days ago when my dad's work upgraded him to a blackberry phone which had many messengers on it, but the only one he was willing to use was GTalk because he already had a gmail account. So I, who had been using free AIM to this point, set out to find a client that met certain qualifications. It had to be 1: Compatible with GTalk; 2: use push notifications; 3: never auto-signout. If anyone else has tried this before, you can relate to how difficult it is. I tried many apps, and generally I'm not the type to buy a messenger app with all the free alternatives, but ultimately I decided to take a gamble on Agile. It could go 12 hours without an auto-offline. DANGIT!

    In case you want to skip to the good part:

    Oh well, so I went in and started poking through its plist files, found Push.plist, went in, and guess what the one of the first two arrays were? The auto-offline menu options and corresponding integers. So I added an item to the first array that said "A Week", then broke out my calculator and discovered that 7*24*60*60=604800, and put that in the second array (all the time integers are in seconds). Now my agile messenger takes a week to auto-offline! You can set this value as high as you want within reason. I'm not sure what the maximum value the code can handle is, but I bet it's over a billion just going by my minimal knowledge. Obviously this is going to tax the battery life a bit, but it's totally worth it.

    You could also edit the preferences xml file directly, but then it might get cleared out by the menu, so I like this option better. I hope someone somewhere found this helpful.
    2009-11-23 10:00 PM