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    I downloaded a keyboard from cydia and activated it via winterboard and it is not working for anything I use my keyboard for. I've looked under guides an searched the whole forum before making this post please help!
    2009-11-24 07:03 PM
  2. pwntbywombat's Avatar
    from what i have read, you cannot change the keyboard in 3.0+ firmwares. i am unaware of a fix for it. all the other winterboard themes and fontswaps work though from what i've been using.
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    2009-11-24 08:13 PM
  3. THES0FAK1NG's Avatar
    The only way you're gonna get it to work is by D/Ling iAccess through Cydia, then by swapping your keyboard images into the images folder in iAccess. Then I think you set all the options off except for the first one in iAccess, I believe. IMO, it's a bit of work, so i haven't even gotten around to doing my keyboard yet. I think there was a thread on this somewhere. If i find, i'll post up the link so you get a better understanding of what i'm talking about.

    found it: http://modmyi.com/forums/skinning-th...ard-3-0-a.html
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    2009-11-25 06:11 PM