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    Is there a way to duplicate a application? I have an app that i want to have two of them, but i was then to have different UUID. One UUID for each app. I know how to get the different UUID for each app but is there a way to take a app (game) and duplicate it so I then can have two of the same game? I am not looking just to have two icons that lead to the same game but two separate games. Thanks for the help

    Can someone help please
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    I got these instructions from a link that was posted in another thread. Credit goes to This Site which also has a video of the process.

    1. Open iTunes
    2. Go into the Application section
    3. Right click on the application you want to duplicate
    4. Select Show in Finder (Show in Explorer on PCs)
    5. Right click on the .ipa file and copy it to you desktop (or where every you’d like)
    6. Replace the .ipa with .zip – An IPA files is just another type of a .Zip file
    7. Un-compress the zip file
    8. Open the new folder and Go into the Payload folder
    9. Right click on the App and select show package contents (MAC ONLY STEP, Should just be a folder on the Windows)
    10. Find the Info.plist files and open it in you favorite editor. (I prefer Plist Editor Pro)
    11. Change the “Bundle display” name to whatever you’d like. This is the name that will be displayed on the iPhone (optional step)
    12. Change the “Bundle identifier” (I recommend just putting a 2 at the end.)
    13. Save the file
    14. Open your favorite FTP software and connect into your iPhone/iPod Touch
    15. Navigate to the root directory and then into the Application folder
    16. Transfer the application into this folder
    17. Reboot or Respiring your iPhone/iPod and the application should now be somewhere on your home-screen
    18. Open the App and enjoy
    2009-11-29 05:44 AM
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    Thanks I will try it out, but go you know if it will allow each app to have a different UUID? I have a game I want to run two of I know how to assign a different UUID to each app but not sure if the way above will let do this. thanks no matter the out come, but I will try it out and post results.

    I got it to duplicate the icon and when i try to open it it just closes Any ideas?>

    I know someone knows the way to fix my problem this forum has so many people that know how to do everything with idevices. Is this the one problem that stumps this forum?
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