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    I have a problem with my company shutting off my ability to use my Blackra1ned 3G with my exchange server.

    Is there a way to utilize UAfaker or similar app to disguise the fact that i am using an iphone (it shows up on "my mobile devices" in my exchange account). Any help or direction would be great.

    2009-11-30 05:08 PM
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    use the phone that your company provides, im guessing its some blackberry or windows mobile disaster, just put up with it... use your iphone on your own time. you could get fired for that kind of stuff. is using your iphone really worth that?

    you're welcome. I know people who have been fired for using non-corporate issued phones on the companies exchange network. its really not worth it. bring up the idea of implementing iphones to your IT department. but unless that specifically allow it, i wouldn't try to circumvent anything your company has in place as that is grounds for immediate dismissal and possible criminal charges for unauthorized access of network resources. sorry man
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    I made it ra1n...again

    'Reloading Data' - Ive spent the majority of my life seeing this
    2009-11-30 05:25 PM
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    OR, I have a similar issue and was wondering if i DONT use exchange server but only use webmail, is it possible to hide the iPhone from ATT?
    2009-11-30 05:34 PM
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    hide it from AT&T!? you would have to somehow mask your IMEI or change your IMEI...WHICH IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL! and you probably wont get any help from anyone on this forum doing anything like that.
    I made it ra1n...again

    'Reloading Data' - Ive spent the majority of my life seeing this
    2009-11-30 05:37 PM