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  1. PinkFloyd's Avatar
    I seem to be missing my weather icon. It's not the stock icon but instead another icon that I installed with a theme. Now I can't seem to change it back to stock.

    I have deleted the theme and deleted Winterboard.
    I have SSH'd into my iPhone and gone to the weather app and the icon seems to be the stock one. But on the springboard it isn't.

    2009-12-05 04:10 PM
  2. dgilbert2's Avatar
    this worked for me from another thread ;

    1. SSH your iphone and go to /Application/
    2. copy Info.plist to your desktop
    3. go to this link Binary to XML converter (
    4. Click browse on their website and locate your info.plist
    5. Click convert and save your file
    6. Open the converted info.plist in notepad
    7. locate and delete SBIconClass & SBWeatherApplicationIcon
    8. paste back the info.plist in your /Application/ folder
    2009-12-06 10:07 PM

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