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    Here is a tutorial for a method to seamlessly sync a KeePass db between your desktop machine(s) and iPhone using Dropbox and iKeePass (JBiKeePass)

    What you need: A jailbroken iPhone (firmware 3.0 or newer)

    • JBiKeePass (BigBoss repo on Cydia)
    • Dropbox (App Store)
    • iFile (BigBoss repo on Cydia)

    Step 1- Place a KeePass db in your desktop machine's Dropbox folder

    Step 2- Open Dropbox on the iPhone and tag your db as a favorite

    Step 3- Open iFile, navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/Dropbox/Library /Caches/CachedFiles

    Step 4- "Copy/Link" your cached db

    Step 5- Navigate to /var/mobile/Documents and "Create Link", making a shortcut/symbolic link between the cached Dropbox db and the directory JBiKeePass looks in

    Going forward, any time your KeePass db is updated on a desktop machine, simply open Dropbox on the iPhone, navigate to Favorites and download the updated db.

    Here's a screen capture demonstrating this technique:
    [ame=]YouTube - Sync KeePass between iPhone and desktop[/ame]
    2009-12-15 05:10 PM
  2. dmcnaugh15's Avatar
    JBiKeepass works great for my iphone.

    On the iPad, there is no "documents" folder in the var --> media location. So, I can't link the .kdb database file. Has anyone had this problem? Or, more importantly, has anyone been able to get JBiKeepass working with iPad?
    2012-07-04 08:16 PM

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