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    Hi guys I have a questions..Im installing the White Apple HD 3.0 and I know it requires FCSB and five I rows, but when I have it linked to the “MORE” page for all the rest of my games apps etc, if I have a lot of them then they look soo jumbled that its hard to see the text etc….

    Is there a way to say only put on blank in each row that is like half a blank so it still gives you the 4 per row look or can I have certain SB’s that are NOT five in each row and turn that feature off?

    2009-12-28 06:21 PM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Iconoclasm perpage setup
    2009-12-28 06:23 PM
  3. digitalduck's Avatar
    Battlecrushr, thank you so much for the quick reply….here is my problem..and maybe you can help me out with another issue….i installed iconoclasm on the advice of someone else for that theme and the next day my iphone crashed soo bad that no theme I installed would even move to the next was brutal so I restored...i dont know if it was iconoclasm but it might have im kind of weary about installing it again....should i give it another try?
    2009-12-28 06:26 PM
  4. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Give it one more shot. And see what happens
    2009-12-28 06:27 PM
  5. digitalduck's Avatar
    so if you dont mind, wiht iconoclasm I dont need iblank etc so should I have them eve installed or would that cause a conflict...i know i need five icon dock but should I get rid of everything else? Thanks again man!! That would be nice if it fixes that issue of overpopulation
    2009-12-28 06:29 PM
  6. battlecrushr's Avatar
    I think u don't iblank if u have the special plist for the white apple theme but if u don't have the plist u need iblank. It shouldn't cause any conflicts
    2009-12-28 06:32 PM
  7. digitalduck's Avatar
    Once again...thanks I just thought of a follow-up question that you might be a good resource for if you dont mind:

    1. I saw a program floating around called isetup 2.0 or something that doesn't look like it is released yet. Without that should i be using spring back to help me load a previous setup...however spring back doesn't load blank icons at if you deleted them and them loaded a backup you would have issues correct?

    2. Lastly, I think I can dig into the folder of the theme and make a new or addtl. Springback icon to match the ones that are already there in case I have that page with the addtl apps etc and I need another little arrow to take me back etc..

    Thanks again man, I hope this is helpful to thers....
    2009-12-28 06:44 PM
  8. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Well wyndwarrior made isetup for his themes. I don't think u can use it for other themed yet
    And for ur second question I don't understand. If u want to change the icon. Take the icon u want and place it in var/stash/themes/THEME NAME/icons. And overwrite springback.png
    2009-12-28 06:59 PM
  9. digitalduck's Avatar
    Ahh ok i didnt know if he was going to release it publicly...

    Thanks! What I meant was lets say im using white apple.. it comes with two addtl springjump icons that are custom made and fit the theme but if you have more pages you have to use the big springjumps icons they give you...but if you take one ofthosetwo custom ones and rename them and place them in an addtl folder you could use it instead.
    2009-12-28 07:08 PM
  10. battlecrushr's Avatar
    I guess so
    2009-12-28 07:12 PM