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    hey guys, im sure a bunch of you are also pondering on how to slim down 3.1.2 for more RAM and way snappier OS.

    so far ive removed all language packs except US, ive done the launch daemon tutorial, and i have iphoneVM installed. i respring with 61mb and when i free memory i hop up to 82mb, i curious to find out if their are more files and folders that can be deleted from 3.1.2. the phone is quick im just curious in tersting the waters to find out if anyone else has removed files that are not in tutorials ex. international keyboards, region formats, etc?

    16gb 3g 3.1.2 JB/Blackra1n
    2010-01-04 06:30 PM
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    How oo you remove the unwanted languages? I've tried researching but its a bit confusing. Can you help me?
    2010-01-04 08:32 PM
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    ^ it's much work you have to remove it from every app and framework: springboard, mail, etc.
    delete only the folders of languages you don't need.
    default apps are in /Applications/
    springboard is in /System/Library/CoreServices/
    the frameworks are in /System/Library/Frameworks/
    and the PrivateFrameworks are in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/

    make a backup before doing this!
    2010-01-04 08:46 PM
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    You could just run the script from terminal and clean it out in a few minutes
    2010-01-05 02:35 AM
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    2010-01-05 02:44 AM
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    i used i-FunBox and went through every folder i deleted all files that end in ".lproj" if you only want english DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING THAT IS "English.lproj" or "en.lproj" a simpler but slower way of doing it is download ifile from cydia and search the hierarchy for ".lproj" you can swipe to delete from ifile.
    2010-01-05 05:48 PM
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    You could just run the script from terminal and clean it out in a few minutes
    what script?
    2010-01-06 01:25 AM
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    You can find the forum here. I can't post the link cuz I'm on my phone. I'll try to go on later at home and post the link to the thread if you can't find it.
    2010-01-06 02:35 AM
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    oh i want to know ht==that script

    Have u got jt
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    2010-01-07 01:22 AM
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    please post this script.

    please two times
    2010-01-07 02:19 AM
  11. StealthBravo's Avatar
    There are several scripts in the main thread on the subject
    2010-01-07 02:44 AM
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    Is this it stealth
    Quote from peteo
    These scripts will back up your language files (except English and Japanese) and will delete all language files except English and Japanese.

    Make Sure you set your iPhone to Never sleep!

    Step 1) SSH into your iPhone with root access (puddy is a good windows ssh program)

    Step 2) mkdir /private/var/stash/langBackup/

    Step 3) cd to your /private/var/stash/Applications.whatever programs dir

    Step 4) Copy and paste this into your ssh program and run it:

    for file in `find . -type d -name "*.lproj" -not -iname "en*.lproj" -not -iname "ja*.lproj" -exec echo {} ; | sed -e 's/.///'`; do tar -rf /private/var/stash/langBackup/langBackup.tar ./ ; done

    This will back your languages in a tar file located here /private/var/stash/langBackup/langBackup.tar PLEASE VERIFY THIS FILE BEFORE DOING THE NEXT STEP. (should be around 10-15 megs)

    Step 5)Copy and paste this into your ssh program and run it:

    To back up files:

    for file in `find . -type d -name "*.lproj" -not -iname "en*.lproj" -not -iname "ja*.lproj" -exec echo {} ; | sed -e 's/.///'`; do tar -rf /private/var/stash/langBackup/langBackup.tar ./ ; done

    To remove files:
    for file in `find . -type d -name "*.lproj" -not -iname "en*.lproj" -not -iname "ja*.lproj" -exec echo {} ; | sed -e 's/.///'`; do rm -vr ./ ; done

    This command will delete all language files except English and Japanese.

    These scripts can also be run in your /private/var/mobile/Applications dir to remove languages from 3rd party app store apps. Please NOTE: some 3rd party programs are using spaces in their directory names. These scripts will NOT work on those apps. (will not back up them, but also should not delete their language files)
    I have also tried these scripts on /System/Library directory. The back up takes a long time around 15-20 minutes. But deleting is Fast! (carrier bundles, quick time and a few other directories are not backed up/deleted do to spaces in the names)

    Please use and modify as you see fit.

    Have fun and be careful.

    I dint get that. But weren't u making an app that would do it
    2010-01-07 02:54 AM
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    That script will work. I was making one but nobody would host it. saurik didn't approve of messing with system files like this
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    2010-01-07 03:07 AM
  14. battlecrushr's Avatar
    2010-01-07 03:11 AM
  15. iGarza's Avatar
    Lol can someone post their en.lproj data
    2010-01-07 03:25 AM
  16. battlecrushr's Avatar
    I think that iall English.proj are the same so take one from another file
    2010-01-07 03:36 AM
  17. fubaya's Avatar
    That command deleted my english directories and a handful of others have reported the same. I really don't know why because it is good code and should work just fine, and it seems to for a lot of people.

    I wrote a script which is verbose and uses a safer method, and also removes the files with spaces in their names. But it requires you to put it on the phone and run it from terminal, which may be more than some people want to fool with. It also doesn't back up the languages as I saw no need. There's no way it will delete anything you don't say yes to multiple times. Anyway it's here if interested.

    Whatever you do, I wouldn't do it by hand. My script happens to count the number of directories deleted and it was over 3200 on my phone, and I have very few apps installed.
    2010-01-07 04:25 AM
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    I tired deleting 1 by1 and lost patience.
    Thanks for the info.But how do i use the script?I followed the instructions on your blog but nothing happened when i wrote this line grep -E proj$.
    2010-01-15 01:03 PM
  19. fubaya's Avatar
    Copy all the text from #!/bin/sh to the end of the post, paste it into a text file, then make that text file executable and run it through MobileTerminal or ssh. Its probably best to do all this from the phone as text editors on a computer may screw up the line breaks.
    2010-01-15 05:42 PM
  20. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Hey could u make a video showing how to use the script
    2010-01-15 10:28 PM
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