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    I accidentally put my iPod into Categories (the jailbroken app) and then when I took it (and a few other apps out), it was missing.

    I don't know what to do. If I boot up in Safe Mode, the icon is there. I can open up the iPod using the double-tap shortcut also.

    The iPod application is still on my iPhone, but the icon is not!

    Can someone please give me the .png file or any file I can SSH so that it will work!

    I really need someone's help, please help me!!!

    I have an iPhone (1st gen/2g) running 3.1.2.

    It's jailbroken (using blackra1n) and carrier unlocked.
    2010-01-07 08:47 AM
  2. joblinger's Avatar
    U need to use sbsettings or bossprefs and go into more option and click hide icons and move that option to no for what u want back and it will respring with ur apps back.
    2010-01-07 01:12 PM

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