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  1. rickyheera's Avatar
    I have removed many of the safe and optional launch daemons including the one that allows the push function to work.

    I have noticed a significant increase in battery life when this daemon is deleted and not having push notifications is a small price to pay for double the battery life. However, with so many apps offering push notifications these days, the pop-up message "connect to itunes to use push notifications" keeps appearing upon opening an app with push functions e.g. facebook, echofon. I would like to know if anyone knows what i can do to remove that pop-up completely so that i dont encounter it everytime i open a push-enabled app. I look forward to hearing from the experts. Thank you.
    2010-01-25 07:07 AM
  2. devteamtools's Avatar
    well uf you want push notifications then download PushFix from cydia. i forget what repo its in, but i'll edit in in a little later. i know you can turn it off by going to settings, push notifications, and turn it off, but you will get another annoying popup
    2010-01-25 03:12 PM
  3. Amadomon's Avatar
    @devteamtools, that isn't what the original poster was asking at all.

    @rickyheera, I'll look around, because I have exactly the same issues/concerns/questions. As a result of a restore, none of my push apps were working, so I installed pushfix and it installed generic certs such that I get random pushes for other people on, say, Facebook, which then of course disappear if I open up the app but are still annoying. Given this, and the related significant battery drain (I believe that this is the source of much of the complaints about 3GS battery drain, since when the pushes were working properly before my battery seemed to last a lot longer-- now that I am getting strangers' pushes, it would make sense that I am using more power), I have turned off Push, but then you do get that incessant, annoying nag to turn on push notifications. So I'll look around in my phone for some plist that controls this, and if anyone else knows anything, please do elucidate!
    2010-07-17 01:55 PM
  4. jbode4's Avatar
    you might have to talk to a app developer that makes jailbreak apps and ask them if they can remove the pop-ups ( if its possible )
    2010-07-21 10:58 AM

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