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    Hey guys, I was recently finding a way to remove the undocked icon label for my Calendar icon ONLY, so using the WinterBoard option isn't ideal. I then found I can edit the name from this .springs and it worked. However, in the process of editing it, I downloaded the .springs file from someone else and replaced his with mine without backing up mine, and his .springs was a little outdated so it screwed the names of some of my apps. I fixed it by adding new codes back into the .springs, but I still feel unsafe and I would rather a unedited LocalizedApplicationsNames.springs from someone running the OS 3.1.2.

    To cut the long story short, I would appreciate it if someone could save his/her LocalizedApplicationsNames.springs which is unedited from an iPhone running OS 3.1.2 and probably WinRAR it, then upload it here so I can download it. Or if you have other methods of passing it to me, please PM me.

    To get to this .springs file, go to the root of the phone (the very first folder of your SSH) , Systems > Library > CoreServices > SpringBoard.app > English.lproj > LocalizedApplicationsNames.springs. Thanks so much!

    OR an even better alternative would be if you could kindly just copy and paste the words in the .springs and post it right here or just save it into a Wordpad or Microsoft Words file, I'll be very satisfied too. Or even even even better, you could just take a screenshot of the words in the .springs into an image (Prt Scr/Print Screen button and paste it onto Paint/Photoshop and save it)and then attach it here or upload it onto a photo uploader like ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting and post the image here.

    THANKS once again!
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