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    hi guys, i was just deleting language packs when i deleted the English.lproj file "Doh" Im hoping someone can send me the folder so i can just replace it. its just made some of the icons on my skined theme go back to the default Apple icons.
    the file location is: System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app and i deleted all the packs so the English.lproj is missing!

    Id be very very greatful to anyone who can help

    2010-02-20 11:32 PM
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    The lproj files are the same. Just grab one from another app. Hope it helps.
    2010-02-21 06:24 PM
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    Thanks Dude Helps alot!
    2010-02-21 07:13 PM
  4. moon#pie's Avatar
    No problem!
    2010-02-21 08:59 PM
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    They are not all the same... you need one from another language from the app you deleted the english one from.
    Then you must edit them.
    If you open the xxxxx.strings files inside, you see this

    example from brightness.stings in preferences.app
    <string>1 Minute</string>
    <string>20 Seconds</string>
    <string>2 Minutes</string>

    <string>1 minuto</string>
    <string>20 segundos</string>
    <string>2 minutos</string>

    These files decide what text is put on options and buttons within the apps. If you want them in English, you have to edit the files within the xxx.lproj folder you used to replace English.

    To open the xxxxx.strings files, upload them here:
    Binary &mdash; XML .plist converter - iAppCat
    Open with a text editor, then once you save changes, upload it again and change name of the file back to whatever it was originally. In my example, after the file was uploaded the second time, I would download Binary.plist, I would need to change the name and extension to Brightness.strings
    After that, replace it in the new English.lproj folder where you got the xxx.strings from
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    2010-02-24 12:05 AM
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    Wow dude you really know your stuff, ill give it a try tonight.
    It was in springboard.app where i deleted it and all it seems to have done is set the icon titles to a default so they no longer corisponded with my theme i.e sms = mobilesms, so i just renamed the themed icons covering up the problem. Id rather fix it though.
    2010-02-24 07:07 AM
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    If you are still having problems i'll try to upload the springboard lproj file after i get out of class later.
    2010-02-24 04:09 PM
  8. dale2's Avatar
    I don't know alot... But I know this because I made the same mistake
    2010-02-24 07:20 PM
  9. no1harts's Avatar
    Right Guys Still Stuck....I deleted all the lproj files within this folder....Would Someone be able to upload the folder?

    it will bring great thanks
    2010-02-27 12:25 AM
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    Pm me your email and I'll send it to you. I can't upload it here because someone is using my comp and I can't ssh and then post it but I can email from ifile.
    2010-02-27 03:21 AM
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    ok, here you go. make sure after you decompress it the name is still English.lproj
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    2010-02-27 07:11 PM
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    Idk how to change the language to english once the english.lproj file is on. Please help!

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    2014-01-28 05:43 AM