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    Hey I played Dungeon Hunter, and I seen online how to edit the amount of money you can through a hex editor.
    Now I am having a couple problems with the strings. I found PINV but i edit the next two bytes and I don't see a difference in my money on my save. I made a backup copy so I don't lose any information. Is there a way someone could help me?
    I don't want money, I need more skill points and more attribute points because receiving 2 isn't enough per level.

    On the safe side, I have 2 points on my person now to use. Can someone please help me? I don't understand the full hex editing. I'm not a programmer. So please any form of help would be great!

    I'm also using Flexedit, and HxD on my windows 7 machine.

    Bump anyone?
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    This many views but no reply?

    Can anyone help?
    2010-03-21 03:11 AM
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    Well, the idiots at Tech Support Guy forum deleted a really long and useful thread I made about hex editing a save game for Dungeon Hunter, so never mind.

    If you're still interested in this out-dated game and editing its save games, let me know at nogmor(at)gmail(dot)com.

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