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    I've heard the new Pandora 3.0 is crashy. It's also not known to work with Music Controls yet. I want to back up the version of Pandora that I have now (2.0.4) before updating, with the ability to restore it when things don't work right with the new version.

    The Pandora app is located in /var/mobile/Applications/F4C082BA-2180-4310-8CD5-E1648A8051BD

    Would this be as simple as making a backup of this directory and restoring it if I want to downgrade? Or does the iPhone keep an index of the installed apps somewhere else that I would also need to backup and restore?

    Also if you know, is the string "F4C082BA-2180-4310-8CD5-E1648A8051BD" specific to the version, or does it not change after upgrading the app?
    2010-04-02 08:55 PM
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    To answer my own question -

    To restore a previous version of an app, use SSH or the Terminal as the mobile user:

    • Apps are stored in directories named /var/mobile/Applications/LONG-HEX-KEY . Determine the location of the application you want to back up:
      cd /var/mobile/Applications
      grep -r Pandora .
      In this case, all the files found for Pandora 2.0.4 are stored under the directory F4C082BA-2180-4310-8CD5-E1648A8051BD
      This directory name is specific to this version of Pandora. It will be deleted and replaced with a directory with a different hex name when you update.
    • Make a backup copy of this app directory and the installation cache
      mkdir /var/mobile/AppBackup
      cp -r /var/mobile/Applications/4C082BA-2180-4310-8CD5-E1648A8051BD /var/mobile/AppBackup
      cp /var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installation.plist /var/mobile/AppBackup
    • Update your app using the App Store
    • To Restore: Just restore those backed up files and respring. You should restore before installing any new apps, or you'll create a mess.
      cp -r /var/mobile/AppBackup/4C082BA-2180-4310-8CD5-E1648A8051BD /var/mobile/Applications
      su - # need root to overwrite the installation.plist
      cp /var/mobile/AppBackup/com.apple.mobile.installation.plist /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
      Respring and start up your app - it should be the old version. :-)
    • If everything is working as you like, you can remove the backups to free up space.
      rm -rf /var/mobile/AppBackup

    FYI, Pandora 3.0.1 works great, and MusicControls now has an update for it.
    2010-04-05 04:03 PM
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