1. alxn91's Avatar
    I am trying to decrypt iPhone 4.0 but I keep on getting an error. Please see attachment and help me please.
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    2010-04-14 06:18 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Are you trying to decrypt the filesystem? If so, you are using the wrong file, it should be 018-7340-029.dmg

    If you are trying to decrypt the ramdisk, you have it all wrong.
    2010-04-14 06:25 AM
  3. alxn91's Avatar
    I am trying to get the rootfs.dmg file.
    2010-04-14 06:49 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    018-7340-029.dmg then
    2010-04-14 06:56 AM
  5. alxn91's Avatar
    I have finally decrypted iphone 4.0 thanks.
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    2010-04-14 04:58 PM
  6. bml2rock4ever's Avatar

    I keep getting this.... help! lol, thanks!!!
    2010-04-22 06:54 AM
  7. alxn91's Avatar
    Change the directory first by using the cd command in ir case it will be " cd cv\vfdecrypt" no quotations

    Sorry it will jist be cd cv and then run the vfdecrypt command
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    2010-04-22 07:02 AM
  8. bml2rock4ever's Avatar

    hmmm.... still not working right
    2010-04-22 07:06 AM
  9. alxn91's Avatar
    Which os you trying to decrypt??
    2010-04-22 05:35 PM
  10. bml2rock4ever's Avatar
    i have tried both 4.0beta1 and 4.0beta2

    if anyone could help it would be appreciated greatly!

    ok, i have decrypted the restore ramdisk and was gonna decrypt the rootfs, but i can't seem to find the key/iv for it....
    ipod touch 2g 4.0beta2
    018-7449-002.dmg <---- that one
    Can anyone help???
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    2010-04-23 01:00 AM
  11. alxn91's Avatar
    Were did u download the OS because ipod 2g does not support 4.0
    2010-04-23 04:13 PM
  12. bml2rock4ever's Avatar
    it does support ipod touch 2g, just not multitasking which should be able to be enabled (I guess...) or an alternative-------->Backgrounder.
    iH8sn0w has even gotten the key/iv for 4.0beta2 but only for ramdisk.....
    you can always google "ipod touch 2g 4.0beta1 jailbreak" if you don't believe me.....
    I'm not interested in jailbreaking the 4.0beta, i just need some files from it

    2010-04-24 05:06 AM