1. goby55's Avatar
    hi, how do i edit the buttons in the app store, and what file do i save them under? also how do i edit the buttons for when you play music?
    2010-04-30 12:14 AM
  2. UnknownToaster's Avatar
    SSH into your iPhone/iTouch (or use iFunbox [I like to use both depending on what I want to do.]) You can either make a theme which is what would be smartest to do since its not permanent or you can just actually replace it forevers. (Should probably back the icons up first.) Say you wanted to replace the itunes icon. Just SSH into your iPhone and go to the root then Applications (or if theres no shortcut private/var/stash/Applications.XXXXXX) And go down to MobileStore.app or whatever it wants to call itself, then delete the icon.png and replace it with your own. Go back to your iphone respring it and your new icon would be there. You can replace any picture you want.

    If you want to make a theme for use with Winterboard, follow this:
    I skimmed it, it looks useful. Good Luck!

    PS: Sorry about all the parentheses, its just a thing I like to do..
    PSS: Sorry if I'm not supposed to link to other sites but its just a tutorial, not like EVERYBODY JOIN THAT PLACE AND LEAVE HERE or anything.
    2010-05-01 04:36 AM