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    so, early this morning i managed to get my iPhone stuck in a boot loop and have been banging my head trying to get it working from all sorts of methods ive found through Google. I'm down to the shot im giving at trying to get it to work through irecovery now before i go back to trying to find which files i can pull from ssh to save my app pref and contancts list.

    anyways on to my probelems little details. my iphone is a 3gs on 3.1.2 new bootrom, im sorry that i cant think of the the name of the baseband but its the one just before the most current released. i jailbroke it with blackra1n and im not sure if it makes a difference but its about 7 months old. in regards to Irecovery, i have that running all but for a small detail that it wont detect my iphone, in recovery mode or DFU. I can find it with usbview but it also doesnt appear in my computer list to access the video's and files though i was able to get at that earlier today : / . i can also get into the root files of it with iphonebrowser when i attempt to use blackra1n before that times out.

    barring any possibility of getting this working im also wondering if and what files i may have to pull from the root to save my photos/videos and contacts list ( and potentially my settings if those would be transferable to a reset of the phone).

    again, any help or even a tip in the direction of something that i missed while trying to find a fix would be greatly appreciated. with that i must be off to sleep and hope that maybe the running of blackra1n overnight will score some success as i read it had for others in one of the larger threads i saw on this. thank you all for your time.
    edit: for anyone coming across this i bit the bullet and did a restore.
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