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  1. acanaway's Avatar
    i have a iphone 3gs and jailbreaked using spirit and all seems working great. winterboard all other apps fine. i am trying to install a external theme and use iphonebrowser but its giving me 2 messages one is this mobile doesn't seem to be jailbroke. but it states at bottom mobile is jailbroke but missing afc2. going by what ppl are saying iphonebrowser is the best way to add external themes to the iphone. and it gives many other options as well.
    any help on this problem would be helpful

    many thanks to you all..
    2010-05-16 03:16 AM
  2. weeslo's Avatar
    you need to install afc2add from Cydia, that will enable you to use iphonebrowser or iFunbox ect ect. I had the same problem with Spirit
    2010-05-16 03:52 AM
  3. acanaway's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the info. problem now fixed.
    2010-05-16 04:49 AM