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    Hello All, I am new to modmyi forums so I'll just give a quick introduction. I'm female. I have an iPad and iPhone 3GS.

    My iPhone 3GS is on 3.1.3 and jailbroken with Spirit Jailbreak.

    I have ************* 2.5 (I already know ************** shut down, but I still use it.)

    And I'm trying to use *****************

    As my home page but I have a problem. It's that the full PC version of************* is loading on my iPhone, and not the mini-iPhone version. That is bad because I can't search for apps. Look at the screen-shots below:

    As shown, there's no search button or anything.
    And there isn't a "Go" button when I type either.

    When I run ********** on my friend's iPhone and go to ************************ , It loads the mini-iPhone version which works perfectly...

    Anyone can help me?
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    2010-05-26 10:24 AM
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    Then if you are new you must have read the rules. No talk about cracked apps/warez/piracy.
    2010-05-26 11:06 AM