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    I JailBroke my friends 2g iPhone last night for him because he wants picture messaging. Every time I tried to install a package to enable MMS it wouldn't install because they where built for FW 3.1.2. I searched last night but couldn't find anything for FW 3.1.3 can you guys/girls point me in the right direction?

    His Phone Specs
    2G on 3.1.3 Modem Firmware04.05.04_G

    Thanks as always!!
    2010-05-26 04:20 PM
  2. unlaced's Avatar
    is it on T-Mobile or AT&T?
    2010-05-26 07:07 PM
  3. Roush00's Avatar
    At&t but I dont see how that has anything to do with it as its a 2g phone. Im thinking if he really wants this I should downgrade him to FW 3.1.2
    2010-05-26 07:30 PM
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    Hello, i saw your post while trying to solve the same problem for me. Try adding the following source to cydia: http://smart-mobile.com/cydia/

    this source is offering mms and video mms for i-phone 2g for firmware 3.1.2 and 3.1.3

    please note i am yet to test it. once i get i a a chance to do so, i will let you know

    lol, i just tested it and it worked. i'm on 3.1.3 jb and unlocked 2g and i sent it to my wife's jbed 3g. it takes a little while cause the images is being uploaded on edge.
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    2010-06-06 12:52 AM