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    Hey everybody with this guide I’ll show you how to make biteSMS icon to default small new messages icon in G.O.C. Pro theme. The target is to replace biteSMS icon with the new small messages icon for use in dock bar and of course to add the custom G.O.C. Pro loading screen.

    But at first thank you very much TOYVAN for your very nice theme.
    Before we can start, please make sure you will be able to SSH your iPhone and backup it. This guide is only for expert users and not for newbie’s. All changes you´ll do at own risk and remember if you update your theme most replaced files will be replaced to original files, so also backup them!

    Let’s going to start:
    1. Make the default messages loading screen to biteSMS when starting.Use a file manager like ifile and go to the following path:
    /var/stash/themes…/G.O.C. PRO.theme/Folders
    There you should find a folder named
    If not create the folder and please write it correctly like I above, other like it wouldn´t working.
    When done, go to:
    /var/stash/themes…/G.O.C. PRO.theme/Folders/
    Copy the following files: Default-smsanswer.png and Default.png to
    /var/stash/themes…/G.O.C. PRO.theme/Folders/

    Well done, respring your device and now if you starting biteSMS, you´ll should see first the messages loading screen.

    2. Make the biteSMS icon to default small new messages icon to place in dock bar.
    At first you´ll must looking for an unused icon with the same specific attribute like the messages icon. The size for icon we are looking for is 59x60 and it must be a png image file. A good icon you´ll find here in this forum when you following the link. Download it and rename to Messages.png.

    Now go to:
    /var/stash/themes…/G.O.C. PRO.theme/Icons
    Rename the file biteSMS.png to 1biteSMS.png
    This makes a backup to undo if you want to change to original layout.

    The next step is to rename the file messages.png to biteSMS.png
    Now copy the new downloaded icon named messages.png to
    /var/stash/themes…/G.O.C. PRO.theme/Icons

    Respring your device! Now your biteSMS App should be looks like Messages App and Messages App should be looks like your favorite icon. Open BossPref App or Categories App or something else to hide the original Messages App. Attention it´s named Text and it´s styled in Apples original green style.

    If all is done, be happy with your new default messager biteSMS in G.O.C. Pro dock bar small and wonderful styled like original messager!

    Please excuse my bad English.
    For questions email me at [email protected] and I´ll try to answer it.
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