1. romulus529's Avatar
    help me quickly

    i've done all the steps to unlock my iphone but there's always 1 step that got in the way of inserting my tmobile sim card in the iphone, SSH!!

    i downloaded the 3 programs in apptap for ssh and such. i used cyberduck, used the ip address from the fone and clicked connect. failure, failure, failure, what's the deal with that? i think it might be the school wireless internet thing, im at CSU northridge. is it possible the security wont let me connect to the iphone in order to unlock it? i used fugu also, same thing. couldnt get through at all.

    i restored it a couple times, did all the steps just fine up to the ssh thing. im thinking of of using my girlfriend's wireless at her apt to unlock it, would that work?

    please get back to me asap. im desperate for unlocking it asap, thanks!!

    yes, i did use the terminal for both mac and iphone, wont work. tried changing the password on the iphone, the letters wont show up at all, weird!
    2007-09-27 06:38 AM
  2. Jimbo's Avatar
    If they block port 22, then you're out of luck. Try another wireless network.
    2007-09-27 06:46 AM
  3. romulus529's Avatar
    i found that they did block port 22. so thats mainly the reason why it wont connect? i sure hope so, cant wait to go to my girlfriend's house tomorrow afternoon.
    2007-09-27 07:27 AM