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  1. gillard01's Avatar
    Hi guys, I'm new to this as I only Jailbroke my iPhone a week ago.
    Is there a way to just add an image as a background on the default dialer?

    I have an image that i want to put on there but i seriously have no clue how to do it.

    If this is not possible, would anyone be able to help with an alternative solution?

    Appologies if this is in the wrong place.
    2010-06-14 02:45 AM
  2. pwntbywombat's Avatar
    like the blue behind the numbers, or the black that makes up the number buttons?
    I made it ra1n...again

    'Reloading Data' - Ive spent the majority of my life seeing this
    2010-06-14 03:28 AM
  3. gillard01's Avatar
    all of it, iwant the image to make up the whole screen with the keypad over the top of it but clear so that you can see the image behind
    2010-06-14 03:41 PM
  4. iTone's Avatar

    Your best bet is to download a file/theme already uploaded here.

    There will be a series of J-pegs.

    You will want to modify :


    Or if you are not concerned with the change of colour when you press the buttons, just modify all of the files that do not have "pressed" in them fom the list above.

    I can see what how you assume that you should be able to just overlay a transparent pic on top, but it doesnt work like that.

    Also, the buttons below the phone keybad (contact, delete, call" are seperate, so if you want the same pic to continue into that space like my "tonebomb" dialler graphic, you will need to cut and paste and do some tweaks so it "looks" like one picture, although it is configured more like a simple jigsaw puzzle, if you get my drift.

    So if you want an easy way to get a simple pic on top- just dopwnload a theme and drop the opacity of the "diallerkeypad" file- then overlay a semi-transparent pic on top of that in photoshop. It might work, but it might look messy too. Your call. Just remember to save them as png files mate, and ALWAYS back up your original files.

    good luck, let us know how you go.
    2010-06-18 08:05 PM