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    Hey all

    I have changed the status bars etc to black, and am also running a theme with black lockscreen status bars etc- I have ssh'd the DefaultBG and the other two in system/lib/coreservices etc etc, and for the most part the bars are running fine, but in the odd app such as Cydia and a few others, I get a black status bar but THE FONT IS BLACK.

    I cant work out why it works finw in some but not others- is there aNY way I can override the black default font colour in some apps- so that in EVERY app and EVERY screen I get my black status bar with a WHITE font ?

    Do I need to manually edit the strings for the apps whre the font stays black on balck- or can I use an app to override this so that white fonts show up ?

    Just to clarify- the status bar black is fine and works on everything- it's just the font colour on around 20% of my apps which stays black

    Thanks geniuses
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    2010-06-24 06:38 AM