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    Hello ppl!

    Alright here is my theory.

    I have an HTC Hero and this phone automatically gets and retrieves my current location and weather. I have found a few things within Javascripts that can do so for the iPhone or iPod Touch but I need help with the complete development of this!

    If anyone is intrested and up for the challange please use this thread and let me know about everything you know and vise versa!

    So here we go....on our weather widgets such as the HTC or others these should be able to retrieve all information of current location using lattitude and longitude with the builtin GPS!

    I have a few files that I have retrieved from a company that uses this for their maps and we can use the codes for our weather it just needs to be modified and ppl who know Javascript would know more then me. I am an HTML guy and only have limited knowledge on Java..

    Thast being said I hope ppl in this community can take our widgets to the next level by using lockinfo.html and makeing our widgets rotate as well as get current weather for current locations and not have the headache of updating the configureMe.js everytime we go out of our towns.

    My theory can become a reality realitivly quick if everybody puts in their two cents and then we can move further with our development of our widgets.

    I know whoever reads this probally would love to have what I have explained and if have any information on this subject please reply and hit the thanks button to anybody who helps!

    Thanks for reading now lets get to development of this new theory
    2010-07-02 09:13 PM