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    I'm using iPhone 2G JB w/ OS 3.1.2
    I've been using both iTunes & iPhone PC Suite to install/remove apps and change themes and lockscreen, etc and it all went well until I was asked to update my iTune to 9.2. Since then only iTune was able to access the phone and the PC Suite can't connect w/ iPhone. There were also error msg saying something like coreFoundation.dll & icuin32.dll (something like that) were missing. After fixing one problem after and other, I got fed up and decided to delete iTunes (n related softwares) altogether and started to look for alternative softwares to sync w/ the iPhone.

    After extensive research, I've found that all PC Suite & iFunbox, etc can't sync w/ iPhone w/o iTunes installed. But I really don't want junks like Bonjour & Quicktime on my machine again so I followed ajua's instructions to install:
    1. just the iTune (9.1) from Switchless Installer,
    2. QuickTime Alternative (latest version), and
    3. installed the Mobile Device Support from the original iTunes installer.

    Theoratically that should let iTune alternatives such as PC Suite & iFunbox 'talk' to the iPhone but it doesn't. I really don't wanna install the original package from apple w/ load of crap softwares that I don't need.

    Can anyone tell me what else I can do? Thx
    2010-07-14 11:47 AM