1. Newiphone27's Avatar
    What is the best version of itunes to use? I have the most recent version and wanted to download an older version to make ringtones and make a custom text tone easier but My PC only allows me to have one version of itunes installed. I have to decide which one will be the best to use so that I do not have to keep transferring my music. For some reason when I DL the newest itunes all my music was gone and I had to copy back over from a hard drive.
    2010-07-16 06:53 AM
  2. lastactionhero's Avatar
    I have mine set to organize itself when you drag files in. It makes a copy of the file and puts it in the iTunes folder so it knows where to grab from.

    You should still also be able to make ringtones, it's not in the right click menu though. It's up in the toolbar, under Advanced.
    2010-07-20 09:53 PM
  3. jbode4's Avatar
    Umm iTunes 9.2.1 is the latest iTunes which fixes heaps of bugs and has smoother syncing with devices. im just on the previous version and i am experiencing heaps of problems , but i dont wanna upgrade to the new iTunes at the moment lol

    and im on iTunes 9.2 and i can create custom ringtones and sync them to my brothers iPhone without any trouble.
    maybe you should try iTunes 9.2.1 and try and make custom ringtones.
    2010-07-21 11:52 AM