1. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
    something i figured out if your idevice locked because you forgot your combination and have sb settings installed at your lock screen slide the status bar and hit more then press the home button and your in your idevice and then if you can figure out how to disable the code by sshing then your golden but just thought i would share my discovery also this does not work with android lock on 3.1.3 i know it works on 4.0 with a regular code so enjoy
    2010-08-08 06:26 PM
  2. neo2001's Avatar
    100% does not work
    2010-08-11 02:21 AM
  3. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
    It does on 4.0 it used to work with android lock on 3.1.3 but it does not with the recent update to androidlock
    2010-08-11 01:16 PM