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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if there is a mod for mobile safari that let's you view the web in fullscreen.

    I've tried other browsers such as atomic from the app store but safari tops them all and I find my self naturally more drawn to using safari.

    The closest I got to replacing it was by using zapbrowser (prebrowser) but although it supports tabs it can't let you hold a link to open it in a tab.

    There are other extensions for safari in cydia like the download manager so surely implemting a fullscreen toggle can't be that hard?

    All that needs to be done is hide the status bar and the navigation bar at the bottom, is there a plist that controls this?

    I have Matlab coding experience ( similar to C ) so am willing to help out if a toggle does not curretly exist.
    2010-08-14 10:35 AM