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    I just upgraded and jailbroken my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 to os 4.0.1. I want to know how to dim the icons so that i can see the background through it yet still seeing the icon. I was able to dim the icons before on 3.1.2, but it doesnt seem to work on 4.0.1. Anyone know a way to dim the icons?
    2010-08-14 06:09 PM
  2. Anngelos's Avatar
    Pretty sure there is a pre installed theme that comes with winterboard called "dim icons"
    2010-08-21 08:07 AM
  3. vishae's Avatar
    well I found a "Dim Icon" feature in the Winterboard options. But it seems to be buggy on the iOS4.

    When you turn the "Dim Icon" feature on, you have to go back onto your home page and press-hold one of the icons until all of the icons start wiggling. Then you just tap each icon on your screen, and you would see that they would become transparent.

    Now you would find that if you open up an app (any app), all the icons would return to their solid state after you've exited the app. The way to avoid this is to just press the sleep button once (so that the screen turns off, but not the phone; I'm not asking you to press-hold), then press it again to turn the screen on again.

    You should find that all your icons are now transparent.

    Hope that helps, let me know if I'm not clear enough... (hmm, that could have been a pun)
    2010-09-04 01:03 AM
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    Maybe you must dim it in firework or photoshop, then replace the old icons of your themes. I can give you a hand for it. Please contact me.

    But I am not sure about that if dim icons with graphic tool would fix it or not.

    But I am not sure if dim icons with tool would fix it or not.
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    2010-09-04 05:29 PM