1. wallacerp's Avatar
    Does any of you guys know how to change the iPhone 4 in call glow ?
    Its the bar when ur in a phone call and you go to your home screen, sms screen or any other screen besides your in call...... At the top you will see a green bar glowing and it says "TOUCH TO RETURN TO CALL"
    I found on another post the old files are called INC_Glass & INC_Glow. But cant find the files on my iPhone 4

    Any ideas ??
    2010-08-23 11:24 AM
  2. stash459's Avatar
    There is one on cydia just for the i4 just installed it and ssh and follow the path of that theme folder in call glow and you good to go...
    2010-08-23 12:20 PM
  3. wallacerp's Avatar
    Cheers Stash found it.....Yipeee
    2010-08-23 06:29 PM