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    I am trying to get an RSS feed to display on my home screen/springboard, but I cannot find any. I know these exist for the lockscreen, and it seems the way it works for the lockscreen (widget.html file that accesses .js files) is the same as for the springboard (just dropping the widget.theme folder into the Themes folder, then activate using Winterboard). My understanding is that lockinfo etc. basically create/access a springboard for the lockscreen, so it seems reasonable (to me) that the folder that creates a widget on the lockscreen could be added as a theme and activated in Winterboard (like WeatherWidget, see link below). I'm not an expert, but I see at least two problems with this method and am looking for advice/help.

    1. iOS4 compatibility - the code seems to be similar to the weather widget that was modified to work in iOS4 by copy/pasting the javascript into the html file (discussed here http://modmyi.com/forums/file-mods/7...dget-help.html). I'm not sure if all javascript can be properly executed using this method, so I am trying to understand a bit more about the limitations of this copy/paste method. I know I need to delete the references to the .js files inside the html file, but I'm also not sure where exactly to paste the javascript code.
    2. Stylesheets - in the weather widget there are .css files which have the instructions on where/how to display the text/icons (pixel location, font size, etc). I don't see these kinds of stylesheets in various RSS plugins for the lock screen, so I'm guessing the widget will not function correctly without it.

    It's probably about time that I learn more about the way the html/js/css all work together, so I'm hoping someone can suggest a good resource that is more specific to my purpose. In the meanwhile, I'll be googling. Also, if anyone has any comments on my specific problem that would be appreciated.

    Please let me know if this post is in the wrong thread, or if I have screwed up posting etiquette in some way. This is my first new thread, so thanks for any help!
    2010-08-30 12:27 AM