1. Zydiac's Avatar
    I know a lot of you will think what the **** am I requesting (as a lot of you probably likes the new iOS 4 dock more than the old one), but...

    Does anyone have a theme of the old dock (http://macmaa.com/wp-content/uploads..._nakyvissa.jpg) for iPhone that's compatible with iOS 4? I found one on Cydia, but isn't compatible with my OS.

    2010-09-06 08:54 PM
  2. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
    There was a relase of a package today with this exact question in mind if you look on cydia new relases you will find it i think its called iphone 3os dock but look in new releases
    2010-09-07 04:06 AM
  3. mdc31997's Avatar
    There is a theme that will be on Cydia tomorrow called "iOS 3" and has all of the original icons and dock
    2010-11-17 10:53 PM
  4. Maxhasadhd's Avatar
    in thevpeivate frameworks folder or just frameworks the ios3 dock is in tgere,add a . to ios4 dock n copy the name n paste ong ios3 n delete the . n it will show after respring
    2010-11-17 11:48 PM
  5. jtrain015's Avatar
    Ok just get bosspaper and have the dock as a background and also transparent dock
    2011-07-27 06:35 PM