1. needhelp : ]'s Avatar
    I hope you guys can help me with this. I've searched around the internet and haven't found a fix... I hope someone here can help.

    I am using an iphone 4g on 4.0.1. And when I set up my email accounts through settings, 2 gmail accounts and 1 microsoft exchange for work, it will beep/vibrate as if there is new mail but nothing appears and I just get an empty inbox -- i dont even see already read email.

    I've downloaded the configuration profile apple has to fix the ms exchange problem, but it wont fix it. also i've took down all the accounts and just set up the gmail on smtp and I have also activated the "other smtp servers" and nothing, same problem.

    I've rebooted after each change nada...

    if anyone has had a similar issue or if this has been discussed before and you know of some advice, please help :]
    2010-09-26 03:58 AM