1. sr852's Avatar
    Device: 3G
    Firmware: 4.1
    Jailbreak tool if used: N/A
    Unlock tool if used: Ultrasn0w
    Computer OS: Windows 7
    Carrier: T-Mobile

    I just upgraded from 3.1.2 to 4.1. I did a backup of my SMS messages and notes via chronus before the upgrade. Will it cause any problems going in via ssh and copying the old sms.db and notes.db files into the phone AND if it is safe, do I just copy the db files or do I also have to copy the descriptions.plist file as well?I didn't know if going from a 3.x to a 4.x would cause a problem. Thank you
    2010-10-08 02:25 AM
  2. supaboi's Avatar
    Bump. Having the same issue. All my contacts and SMS are on my 3GS 3.1.2. I want to transfer to my new iphone 4 4.2.1

    Restore is not an option. I did a backup with Chronus on the 3GS, copied the Time Capsule folder and content to the desktop and transferred back to the IP4 but it does not recognise SMS and addressbook.

    Any help is appreciated
    2011-02-16 08:31 AM