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    Hello people. I recently bought a BT keyboard and BT mouse to use on my IP4. I d/l'ed both of the apps BTmouse and BTkeyboard(paid for the BTkeyboard) and cannot set them up to be used simultaneously. I can pair either or fine in each of their respective apps but when I switch over to pair either of the two, it fouls up! for eg. If I pair the keyboard first, I switch to BTmouse to pair the mouse and it never comes up on the screen even though the mouse is in discovery mode. If I pair the mouse first, when I switch to pair the keyboard, it'll be visible but the icon next to device name will be a generic bluetooth symbol meaning I can't pair.(I tried pressing the name, no luck)I saw a video somewhere of someone who successfully paired both devices and showed his package screen. I noticed he had a third app in addition to the aforementioned two. BTstack that's it. I think. I am wondering if I need a third app to bridge the apps to work simultaneously or something. I've respringed on different occasions, steps etc. but it still doesn't work. Did I get a bunk app and do I need to re D/L? I need some answers here. please chime in for any info/suggestions. Thanks all.
    2010-10-08 02:25 AM
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    If anyone even looked at this post here's an update. I finally got it to work! I was up for a FW update anyway so I upgraded to 4.1 and jail-broke with limera1n. After that I paired both my keyboard and mouse and it worked! One thing I noticed was that you HAVE to pair the keyboard first prior to the mouse. If you pair the mouse first, you will get a generic bluetooth symbol next to the keyboard device's text when you follow on to pair which means you cannot pair. The app isn't perfect and found when I disconnected both and tried to re-pair, It helped to re-spring first. That way you're off to a fresh start. (sometimes it may act retarded and not pair your device) It's definitely a lot of weight to save carrying than a laptop in your bag. It doesn't fully replace your laptop but it fits the bill when all you're doing is notes, networking, email etc. Now on to the next mod. I plan on doing iPad camera connection kit for the usb adapter to the 30 pin jack coupled with ifile to replicate a usb-in point with my device. Definitely a lot of wow points but for sure by no means a laptop replacement.
    2010-10-21 02:25 AM