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    Hi. I'm new here and I just started modding my iphone. I've spent alot of nights trying to fix several problems thought I'd share some with you guys.

    Sorry if this has already been posted.

    First, look at the image below:

    Look at the updatr icon, why has it changed too the default (original) icon when I started the multitasking bar?

    The answer lies in the Bundles folder. To get the icon to stay as the modded one you have to create a folder called "com.olettere.updatr" and place the icon file with the right name (case sensitive). In this case "Icon.png". Notice that it's a upper-case "I". It could just as well be a lower-case "i" or a different name all together. The right bundles "folder name" is found in the plist-file in
    either root/Applications/"app name" or root/var/mobile/Applications/"random letters" (you can't see the application name unless you check every folder), depending if it's a cydia app or an Appstore app. The "icon name" is found in the same directories as above but in the "application folder" for instance Google.app. It's usually called icon.png.

    Ok that takes care of the first problem.

    The second problem is common on all custom themes on ios4. It's the glitch that appears in the bottom screen when accessing the multitask bar. The entire wallpaper and icon move up a notch but when you close the bar and it all moves down you'll see an image glitch caused by the transparent Dock.png file. I haven't found a solution to this one yet. Well except for deleting the Dock.png file and using the default dock.

    If someone has a different solution, than pass it on.

    regards Moejuice, please!
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    I got the same multitasking icon problem; appreciate for the solution suggested. However, i still can't solve the problem; I've created the "com.olettere.updatr" folder in Bundles, but i dunno what to do next (can't really follow the instructions T-T ). Would you mind explaining more on it or giving a tutorial with screenshot, thx alot!!!

    P.S. what is the use of the "com.olettere.updatr" folder
    and how can i put so many "icon.png" into the "com.olettere.updatr" folder without overlapping
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