1. dgao93's Avatar
    I just changed my sms ringtone to something else by taking an audio file and converting it to .caf and putting it in the phone via SSH. It works if my theme is turned off on my phone but once I turn it back on, my new sms goes back to the old generic one. Do you guys know how to fix this?

    The theme I'm using is this one:


    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
    2010-10-17 07:06 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Does the theme have custom sound mods? Have you tried disabling the UI sounds of the theme and seeing if that works? Simply rename the UI sound files to disable so you can rename them back to enable if you want. Or just back up the UI sounds folder and delete it off your phone temporarily to see if it fixes the problem.
    2010-10-17 07:10 AM