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    Is this file just like the SMS.db file? Located in var/mobile/library/Notes

    Back in the day I used to pull out my SMS.db file as a backup just in case, since I like to keep my texts stored and such. Well Basically what I'm looking to do is start restoring an setting my phone up as new rather than restoring from my last backup after my restore, cuz I guess a bunch of build up can be left behind and such I guess? And because of this limera1n battery drain problem, when 4.2 drops I plan on getting everything wiped clean clean. So I figured I'd pull my entire camera roll out, sms, and hopefully notes - restore, jailbreak, then place these files back in their directories so I'll get to keep this content. So yeah, just wondering if that Notes.idx file contains all of my notes placed just as they are like the sms.db file is when you drag it back into your phone.
    2010-11-07 10:29 PM