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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to create a carrier bundle for T-Mobile which allows the iPhone's native visual voicemail menu to work with T-Mobile's VVM server. I have gathered a lot of valuable information from VVM-ready Windows Mobile phones, the BlackBerry module, and the Android APK. I feel that I need one last piece of information in order to complete the puzzle and make VVM work: the contents of "/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail/com.apple.voicemail.imap.parameters.plist" from members who have the file and have visual voicemail working on their phone. I'm particularly interested if you have Bell Canada or any other IMAP-based visual voicemail solution.

    If you can post the contents of the file (it is in plaintext XML)--with your phone number censored out of course--it would be greatly appreciated. Any progress I make will be shared with the community, including a finished product (if it ever works). If this file is placed on unlocked iPhones for T-Mo US and we have the correct parameters, it would cause the VVM menu to activate and perhaps read the data off of T-Mo's voicemail IMAP server.

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    Bump! Kudos to you if you ever get this working, though I have my doubts.
    2010-11-29 09:27 PM
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    I actually did get a lot of things to work...
    Wish I could test my Carrier Bundle for this, but Dev-Team delayed 02.10.04 unlock and I sold my 3GS

    Test it out using the Mail.app!
    1. To start, turn off Wi-Fi. You can only connect to the voicemail IMAP server over EDGE.
    2. Make sure you have the Visual Voicemail service activated on your account (go to http://m.web2go.com/dsb/vvmupsell from Safari)
    3. Send the following SMS message to the number "122": "Activate:dt=6" (without quotes)
    4. You will receive a response from "129" that looks like this:
    5. Note your username (u=) and password (pw=)
    6. Go set up a new mail account with "vvm.tmomail.net" as the IMAP server (no SSL), your username, and your password. Pick any SMTP server
    7. Open the Inbox on this account and go see your voicemails

    I'm working on a Carrier Bundle for native Phone app support, but I can't do anything until dev team releases the i4 02.10.04 unlock!
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    i dont even have that file
    2011-01-17 02:19 AM
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    has anyone got the visual voicemail to work with t-mobile. and not youmail I mean the native app.Ive searched everywere but no luck. would be great if this worked then I think that the Iphone would be perfect on TMobile
    2011-01-23 05:24 AM