1. joshua.green55's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I am wondering if there is already a tweak available to cycle through pages on the springboard.

    For example when I am on the last sb page and I scroll to the left it brings me back to the first sb page.

    I want to combine it with the barrel tweak so its like a cube that I can just scroll around the 4 sides of the cube.

    Ive looked everywhere and i cant find anything like this.

    Maybe if it doesnt exist, a developer would know how to implement this. ?

    Any help is appreciated .
    2010-11-28 03:43 AM
  2. SheziKalebra's Avatar
    Yeah it's called smoothboard!! Done it myself!!! U mite wanna get parallax too all 3 together look awesome
    2010-11-29 11:23 AM
  3. joshua.green55's Avatar
    I have smoothboard too! But what I mean is that I want it to cycle through all of the pages. Eg. 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3
    2010-12-10 03:31 AM
  4. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Not quite what you're looking fir but Preview might work.
    2010-12-10 05:15 AM