1. phee's Avatar
    So my contact list of around 500+ all have specific ringtones (not all different but all different from default). I recently needed to restore the my iphone3G and did not want to restore from backup so i set it up as a new phone to avoid any problems that were in the backup. I also now have an iphone4 and both phones are jb running 4.1.

    is there a way for me to copy the ringtone assignments from an old backup and apply it to the new backup manually? i looked through ~/Mobilesync/Backup and there's just an overwhelming abundance of gibberish and the plist files dont hint at anything dealing with ringtones.

    am i SOL and have to go in and assign tones to all 500+ one by one?

    can i at least assign a specific ringtone to an entire group?

    i'm very ssh savvy but i think in this instance there's no need for ssh. anything'll help, thanks in advance!
    2010-12-07 01:29 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Honestly i think your going o have to do it one by one or restore from a back up...
    2010-12-07 08:34 AM