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    I have an iphone 4 16gb - jailbroken 4.1

    i recently installed a program called "veency" which lets you take control & view your iphone through your computer. Well after i installed it and played around with it, i decided to uninstall it.
    After un-installing "veency" i noticed that in my iphone 'settings' when i scroll down i see a tab called "mouse". I am pretty sure this "mouse" tab came from veency. I have no use for this tab and wanted to delete it. All "mouse" tab says when i click it is "swap buttons 2 & 3" & "speed".

    I want to remove this tab from my settings because i feel like there is no use for it. I went into cydia and reinstalled veency and removed it once again, but the 'mouse' tab is still there in my iphone settings. Please help me in removing this!!

    Also there is another tab that says "activator" and it has a pic of a black home screen button on the side of it. Is this because i installed intelliscreen through cydia??

    Thanks alot guys!! I have been helped once before from users on and that is why i choose to come back again!!

    You guys rock, keep up the good work!!!
    -love yall!
    2010-12-09 04:02 AM