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    Hello people. I'm new here.
    Anyways, let me get to the point: I desperately need the general.plist file that is in: /private/var/stash/Applications.pwn/
    I am running an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1.
    Please, I want the original. Apparently, Xtreme Preferences deleted this file. It is an important one too.
    I was actually going to extract it from the original image, but I had problems decrypting... PLEASE UPLOAD!!! (unmodded please)

    What I found:
    Go here:
    Find the Settings.plist and the General.plist and make a backup of both. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS!
    Rename the General.plist to something else.
    Rename Settings.plist to "General.plist". (no quotes)
    Now, go to your Settings app, and click on General.
    Apparently, it looks like a copy of Settings, BUT SCROLL DOWN, and you will see some new submenu called "Sound" or "Tones"! (Forgot name)
    Click on it, and another submenu pops out. Click on that... And Settings crashes. Anybody knows what this does?

    Oh BTW, sorry if this is the wrong section to post. Seemed like the right place to post to me.
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    2010-12-14 12:49 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    OK, here is the complete file.
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    2010-12-14 01:28 AM
  3. eyoon's Avatar
    Thank you!

    Now my General Settings are back!
    2010-12-14 03:53 AM
  4. coolaks's Avatar
    Thanks a lot dude! Your files helped me out as well!!
    2011-03-02 07:30 AM