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    Okay so I screwed something up one way or another in cydia and installed a file that now crashes cydia everytime I try to open it. I'm pretty sure all I have to do is ssh into my phone and delete some files. However I have never done this before and as far as my research goes, I need cydia to download what I need to ssh. Am I correct? If yes how do I get around cydia/ fix this problem?
    2011-01-18 06:29 PM
  2. Fhsjaagshs's Avatar
    What was the package?
    2011-01-19 06:54 PM
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    I have no idea. I was downloading A bunch of stuff that day
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    2011-01-19 07:23 PM
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    Do u have cydelete? Delete cydia and rerun the jailbreak.
    2011-01-20 02:29 AM
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    Do u have cydelete? Delete cydia and rerun the jailbreak.
    yeah, try cydelete and delete just about every cydia app that has an icon..
    2011-01-21 07:15 PM
  6. Fhsjaagshs's Avatar
    What jailbreak?
    If u don't have cydelete, download the .deb off the Internet and put it in car mobile and rename to cydelete.deb. This is done via ssh. Then in winscp open a terminal and enter
    dpkg -i cydelete.deb

    Ur done, just reboot or respring then unprotect cydia and delete it. This is done in settings. After that just use the loader.app I send u. Give me ur email and I will send u cydelete.deb and loader. Just unzip the loader zipfile on ur desktop and move it to /var/stash/Applications.*
    Make sure it runs and use it to install cydia again. Get the stuff before u delete cydia

    If u can't ssh use I-funbox and put the openshh.deb in the cydia autoinstall folder.
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    2011-01-21 08:15 PM